Creating the atmosphere

Автор: xiaoxiao8888 Дата: 19.10.2010 11:17 Creating the atmosphere
Although the earliest area of the golf course clubhouse is not big, comfortable and natural to the main facilities, else including the professional golf clubs with ping g15 fairway wood. But because golf was still a novelty for many court staff. They are in the tens of thousand yearsЃf stadium, many older employees with the enterprise culture, heritage, and slowly create a sentimental atmosphere, like a field warm, friendly family drama. They could talk about the clubs, course and the professional callaway diablo edge irons. Veterans from the court to clubs where the staff, kiosk or restaurant staff are very friendly, warm, and truly make guests feel that they are at home, has also long maintained a certain standard of service. For example, Zhongshan Hot Springs golf course restaurant signature dishes grilled pigeon, for many years maintained a superior level and quality, and offer the taylormade r9 460 driver, and even traveled the world pay tribute to the best Liang Zhongshan Hot Spring pigeon to eat.
That style for several decades and sense of history are performance. Time exposure and the stress in the golf sport in the early course clubhouse although the scale and architectural form in the building do not be seen obviously. Creating the atmosphere to take the lead, which have left their hearts to become golfers who miss the point. The profession titleist 2010 ap2 irons make you success
Some people say China's golf time can be classified into re-SARS and SARS although the composition has a humorous active and large par banter of the period from contact with SARS in 2003 golf. Since 2003, China's rapid economic development has created a large number of new favorites, and the favorite callaway x-22 iron set. Golf itself has a gentleman, self-discipline, noble temperament, to meet the new rich taste, and gradually become their first choice.
The business of playing golf with discount golf clubs at that time was promoted to a high status. After all, you have four hours to communicate with the client alone, you can plaЃBy the full course of study at the same time demonstrate their individuality client's personality, the atmosphere of the blue and white can also cause the grass to be fully relax and so forth, to make golf into business activities as one of the important choices.